Westminster, CO Crowns & Bridges

Dental restorations like porcelain crowns and bridges are one of the most beneficial services we offer at Arrow Dental. If your teeth are damaged because of decay, disease, or injury, our high-quality restorations can get your oral health back on track and allow you to smile confidently again.

We believe that every restorative procedure we perform is another opportunity to improve the esthetics of your smile. Dr. Jamie Marquez uses only the highest quality ceramic and porcelain materials to create crowns and bridges that look and function like healthy natural teeth.

Before we decide on any treatment, we take time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions thoroughly. We want you to be involved in your dental care because it’s the best way for us to understand what’s important to you and how we can help.

How We Use Dental Crowns

Dental crowns surround and protect a tooth that has extensive damage or decay. The crown replaces lost strength and structure so the tooth can function properly again. 

Restorative procedures we perform that involve using crowns include: 

  • Strengthening and protecting a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Strengthening a tooth weakened by a large filling
  • Preserving a tooth that is broken or fractured

Since we design our crowns to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, we can also use them to correct certain smile flaws: 

  • Uneven gaps and between teeth
  • Poorly proportioned or misshapen teeth
  • Severe staining that resists whitening

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. It typically consists of an artificial tooth suspended between crowns that attach to adjacent teeth. A bridge restores the esthetics of your smile and allows you to eat and speak again with ease.

But a dental bridge does a lot more than just restore your appearance. If we don’t replace a lost tooth, nature will take over, and surrounding teeth will start to drift into the space left by a missing tooth. This movement can result in crooked or crowded teeth and lead to gum disease or orthodontic problems in the future.

Our bridges are made using the same high-quality porcelain and ceramic material we use for dental crowns. The result is a bridge that restores function and appearance and stabilizes surrounding teeth.

We Will Help Get Your Smile Back on Track!

We don’t want the cost of dental restorations to be a hurdle for anyone, so we will be happy to file your insurance claim for you. If you are uninsured, we also offer convenient third-party financing through Lending Club and CareCredit.

If you have damaged or missing teeth and would like to learn about all your options, please contact our Westminster, CO dental office. Dr. Marquez will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and help you decide which approach is right for you.