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Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Just about anyone who has stained or discolored teeth is a good candidate for teeth whitening. The procedure is safe, fast, and affordable, and the results can transform your smile. There are a few exceptions, though.

Your underlying dental health should be good. It’s best to resolve any conditions such as decayed teeth or gum disease before whitening. We also recommend a dental cleaning before any whitening treatment. Removing the plaque and tartar that lingers on your teeth produces the brightest, most consistent results.

You may not be a candidate for whitening if you have crowns, fillings, or bonding on your front teeth. The procedure won’t affect the color of your restorations, which will end up being a different color than your newly whitened teeth. In this case, we may recommend veneers or bonding for a uniform appearance.

Pregnant women should not whiten their teeth because we do not know what, if any, effect the products have on the unborn baby.

At Arrow Dental, we offer two types of teeth whitening for your convenience. Our in-office treatment is fast and easy and produces brilliant results in about an hour. You will leave our office with a smile that is about eight shades brighter than when we started.

We can also provide you with a customized whitening tray and professional-strength gel that you use to whiten at home. Use the kit every day for about two weeks, and you will see results similar to those of an in-office treatment.

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